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100% ISO WHEY PRO 2270 g.


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- Brand: Pharmapure
- Format: 2270 g.
- Flavour:

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Quick Overview

- Certified pharmaceutical quality protein
- Isolate and hydrolyzed protein
- up to 88% protein
- Rich in BCAA
- 0 lactose, 0 sugar, 0 saturate fats
- Aspartame an gluten free

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100% Iso Whey Pro New Line by Pharmapure, a new release of a high quality Isolate protein. From the experience gained over the years of providing esclusively to Muscle Nutrition the best selling product. The Pharmapure technicians have decided to reformulate an already winning product with the most modern research and the most pure materials available. Isolate protein, Hydrolyzed protein ultra pure with a rapid digestion and whey Concentrate Cross flow and Ultra filtrated Proteins. All which have been rendered lactose free and rich in BCAA

100% Iso Whey Pro New Line presents a protein based supplement of high quality which is obtained through a mixture of Isolate and Hydrolyzed proteins that are rendered lactose free.

With a supplement market saturated with protein products, Pharmapure has chosen to stand out from the masses using only the best protein sources currently available on the market. Whey proteins represent today a protein source with the highest biological value, which is the one with the best amino acid profile. Moreover, the isolated and Hydrolyzed fraction constitutes the purest part of whey, by having a hight percentage of protein, a very low quantity of fats and carbohydrates, and a greater solubility, not to mention Pharmapure 100% Iso Whey Pro’s incredible taste.

These characteristics make 100% Iso whey Pro New Line the best choice for post workout, when the body needs an increased quantity of amino acids to start protein synthesis and muscle recovery. Moreover, the absence of lactose and gluten allows the use of 100% Iso Whey Pro New line to all gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant persons, ensuring optimal digestion without gastric and digestive problems.

Sugar free and fat free 100% Iso Whey Pro is an optimal choice for persons in phase of muscle definition or on a reduced calorie diet.

Incredible solubility and a maximum digestibility with a delicious flavor, is the perfect protein.

A small quantity of water or semi skimmed milk is enough to make 100% Iso whey completely soluble and without lumps or wasting time.

(This products is intended to support general wellbeing and is not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease.)

Additional Information

Format 2270 g.

The values may vary slightly by flavor.

Use 1 even scoop (about 40g) after work out or as a snack during the day, in relation to your daily protein needs.
100% ISO WHEY PRO, Pharmapure compra a €43.00 - Isolated Proteins