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Multivit 60 Cps


(In stock)


- Categories: Pharmapure, Multivitamin,
- Brand: Pharmapure
- Format: 60 Cps
- Flavour: Neutral

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Quick Overview

- Multivitamin and mineral
- combats free radicals
- 30 day supply

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Multivit of Pharmapure is a supplement of Vitamins and Minerals indicated for individual on a diet that can not obtain an ample amount of these vitamins. Multivit is very useful in the presence of reduced calorie intake or increased requirements of these nutrients, which, thanks to their antioxidant action, can be useful to counteract the harmful effects of free radicals. Multivitamin complexes are used to prevent overloads on the body due to physical or mental stress, therefore suitable in cases in which the body is subjected to higher work loads. Indispensable to avoid the "overtraining" status, or in cases of reduced vitamin intake (in case of diets). The multivitamin complexes help replace any small or important deficiencies that our body can endure during the decrease caloric intake or for an increased need due to excessive stress or exertion. Micronutrients such as salts and vitamins are often underestimated and poorly integrated; but a reduced vitamin intake can decrease sport performance, reduce concentration, disadvantage cell regeneration, increase the onset of cramps and muscle pain, prevent proper thermogenesis and therefore the correct use of nutrients for energy. In short, the multivitamin complexes fulfill the proper functioning of the human body and Multivit is a balanced multivitamin with a high dosage formulation, to facilitate the integration of each individual vitamin and mineral salt. Multivit is formulated to facilitate the quick absorption of each element without fatiguing digestion.

Additional Information

Format 60 Cps
Weight 140.0000

Use Take 1 or 2 tablets a day at meal time.
Multivit, Pharmapure compra a €8.99 - Multivitamin