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Exchange 120 caps

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- Marca: ALR
- Formato: 120 caps
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Who Needs Exchange® on Muscle Nutrition?

  • Any individual (male or female) who wants to Exchange® Fat for Muscle!
  • Any individual who is looking to decrease bad cholesterol and fat stores.
  • Any individual who wants to decrease conversion of blood sugar to fat.
  • Strength Athletes (bodybuilders, power lifters, etc.):
    • Looking to increase their lean mass, while eliminating visceral fat.
    • To increase muscle glycogen stores, thus increasing muscular recovery and performance potential.
    • Increase bone strength by enhancing IGF-1 activity
    • Decrease estrogen levels through aromatase inhibition.
  • Endurance Athletes (crossfitters, runners, triathletes, etc.):
    • Looking for Increased muscle glycogen stores thus increasing muscular recovery and performance potential.
    • Increase bone strength by enhancing IGF-1 activity
    • To inhibit inflammatory cytokins, IL-6, and COX-2 specifically.

Human Clinical Study Validates 413%

More Muscle and 5 pounds less Fat!

Obviously there are few individuals on this planet that would say no to the opportunity to exchange fat for muscle. Enhancing the body’s ability to utilize fat stores as a source of calories usually means a decreased diet that reduces calorie intake to a point where less calories are ingested than the body burns daily. Unfortunately, with this low calorie environment comes a “catabolic environment” in which needed daily calories also come from the breaking down of lean tissue (like muscle and connective tissue).

What if it was possible to use fat stores as a source of calories without losing lean tissue during low calorie dieting? Now, imagine a magic pill that allowed you to use fat calories to build and repair lean tissue without a reduced caloric intake?

In A blind Medical Overview 4 week Human Clinical Study by A. Human MD and Associates:

The Nutritional Supplement Exchange® vs. Placebo Provided the Following Summary:

The study was completed August 31st 2012 consisted of 14 male and female athletic subjects age range 25-49 yrs divided into 2 groups. All were tested pre and post for performance enhancing drugs. One subject from each group dropped out for unrelated reasons. The study design was a double blind placebo study providing each subject with 2 capsules twice daily prior to meals for 4 weeks and allowed to feed ad labitum. Findings were based upon hydrostatic body composition testing.

Study Results: The Exchange® product group had an average change in lean body mass of +3.23lbs, where the placebo group had an average change in lean body mass of .783lbs. The Exchange® product group had a 413% greater increase in lean mass gain over the placebo group. The Exchange® product group had an average change in fat mass of -5.0lbs, whereas the placebo group had an average change in fat mass of +.583. In comparison female subjects had near equivocal results to male subjects.

Discussion: This study validates Exchange® as a non-hormonal natural positive repartitioning agent in this study group. In the present study subjects were maintained for 28 days at a 2 capsule twice daily dosage resulting in the Exchange® formula group lean body mass increasing an average of 3.23lbs while decreasing fat stores an average of 5lbs non-dependent upon sex. Future studies would be required to evaluate optimal dosages and comparisons in formulas and/or delivery methods to substantiate the positive effects of Exchange® vs. other similar possible preparations. (Abstract)


Why Would I Care About Mouse Studies?

In an interesting study performed at The University of Iowa on mice (1), researchers found that a natural compound found in the waxy coating of apple peels had beneficial effects upon body composition. According to Dr. Christopher Adams and colleagues, the benefits appear to be due to the administration of the apple peel compound known as ursolic acid. The project started when Adams and colleagues researched and identified 63 genes that change in response to fasting. These genes are the same in both people and mice. Then the team quantified an additional 29 genes that change their expression in muscles tissue of people who are fasting and those with spinal cord injuries. Next step is obvious, the team of researchers evaluated over 1,300 small molecules eventually zeroing in on ursolic acid as a compound that might counteract muscle atrophy (muscle wasting).

The researchers explained these results in the mice were initiated at the gene level and were due to enhanced insulin/IGF-1 signaling in muscle and to corrections in gene signatures associated with muscle atrophy in both humans and mice (1,3). Another in study (12) confirmed that ursolic acid activates peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)-α in vitro. Ursolic acid enhances the binding of PPAR-α to the peroxisome proliferator response element in PPAR-α-responsive genes, alters the expression of key genes in fat metabolism, significantly reducing intracellular triglyceride and cholesterol concentrations in hepatocytes. Thus, ursolic acid is a PPAR-α agonist that regulates the expression of lipid metabolism genes. Altering fat metabolism favorably at the genetic level appears to be one of the pathways by which ursolic acid reduces fat stores. In short, a very pro-lean-mass-gain/fat loss environment was induced.

Studied Beneifts of Ursolic Acid:

  • Augmentation of lean muscle mass by way of increased sensitivity to IGF-1 and insulin as well as inhibition of atrogin-1 and MuRF1.†
  • Increased muscle glycogen stores thus increase muscular recovery and performance potential.†
  • Increased bone strength by enhancing IGF-1 activity and differentiation and mineralization of osteoblasts.†
  • By inhibiting 11-bHSD-1 decreased visceral (abdominal) fat.†
  • Decreased estrogen levels through aromatase inhibition.†
  • By way of pancreatic inhibition of lipase and increased lipolysis in fat cells, decreased fat storage and increase fat burning.†
  • Decreased conversion of blood sugar to fat by inhibition fatty acid synthase.†
  • Decreased bad cholesterol and fat stores through the activation of PPAR.†
  • Inhibition of inflammatory cytokins, IL-6, and COX-2 specifically.†

Is Ursolic Acid New?

Ursolic Acid (UA) is not a new compound to the performance nutrition world. The positive effects of this interesting compound have been studied for years in humans, mice, rats and other mammals. The results from this research have been impressive enough that UA has been part of the Chain’d Out® formula for over 4 years. (UA is naturally occurring in the waxy coating on apples…we named the whole apple peel extract “AppleActiv™”). More recently UA has been sold as a stand-alone product in the performance nutrition industry. So why not just throw some in a capsule and swear it’s the find of the century?

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Formato 120 caps
Peso 80.0000

Uso prendere 2 capsule al mattino immediatamente prima di fare colazione. Prendere 2 capsule circa 10-12 ore dopo immediatamente prima di mangiare.
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