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Whey Protein "IN SCADENZA"

Whey Protein "IN SCADENZA"

Prezzo di listino: 41,39 €

Special Price 29,99 €


Whey Protein "IN SCADENZA"

- Marca: Fitness Authority
- Formato: 2270 g.
- Gusto: Chocolate

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Prezzo di listino: 41,39 €

Special Price 29,99 €


Whey protein concentrate that supports training and dietary goals of every active person

  • 20 g of protein per serving
  • Very easy to mix
  • Added digestive enzymes – Aminogen®
  • 19 great flavours
  • Now available in two different packages a`2,27 kg and a`907 g

WHEY PROTEIN shake is a high grade protein product which delivers the best quality whey protein concentrate. Every active person realize that proteins are one of the most important nutrients for all athletes, especially for those involved in long-term strength training or high intensity endurance training. Proteins ensure positive nitrogen balance allowing for maximum anabolic stimulation and muscle regeneration.

WHEY PROTEIN offers all the benefits of dairy based proteins without any of the lactose and cholesterol! Moreover, WHEY PROTEIN also offers a higher Glutamine (as Glutamic Acid) level than many comparable dairy based protein shakes. Glutamine is the ultimate anti-catabolic amino acid which lessens the degree of muscle damage and soreness. It also helps the body to secrete its own growth hormone which triggers the release of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1) and neutralizes lactic acid by increase of plasma bicarbonate buffering capacity.

Fitness Authority WHEY PROTEIN is fortified with AMINOGEN ™ (digestive enzymes) for effective protein digestion and better amino acid absorption. Amino acids from WHEY PROTEIN quickly appear in the blood and are transported to muscle tissue. Due to that WHEY PROTEIN is extremely bioavailable (BV = 104) is crucial for instant muscle post-workout recovery and optimal muscle protein synthesis.

Ulteriori informazioni

Formato 2270 g.
Peso 3000.0000
Ingredienti Amount per dose (30 g) Energy 115,3 kcal Protein 20 g Total Carbohydrate 5 g sugars 5 g Total Fat 2,2 g saturated 1,6 g Dietary Fibers 0,5 g Sodium 0,072 g Calcium 150 mg Phosphorus 114 mg Chlorides 72 mg Potassium 186 mg Magnesium 19,5 mg Aminogen 100 mg Typical amino acid profile L-Leucine 2040 mg L-Isoleucine 1113 mg L-Valine 1074 mg L-Histidine 369 mg L-Lisine 1764 mg L-Metionine 327 mg L-Cysteine 453 mg L-Phenylalanine 615 mg L-Tyrosine 600 mg L-Threonine 1425 mg L-Tryptophan 270 mg L-Arginine 537 mg Glycin 375 mg L-Alanine 942 mg L-aspartic acid 2088 mg L-glutamic acid 3363 mg L-Serine 1044 mg L-Proline 1089 mg Ingredients: whey protein concentrate, dicalcium phosphate, potassium citrate, flavors, digestive enzymes (Aminogen), sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride, sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame K; stabilizer: carboxymethyl cellulose. Allergens: contains milk and soy derivatives. Notice: Nutrition facts and ingredients may vary slightly depending on flavor. On our website we post the nutrition facts and ingredients of one single flavor per product.
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