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Lipo Core

Lipo Core 120 softgels

Prezzo di listino: 45,00 €

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Lipo Core

- Marca: Fitness Authority
- Formato: 120 softgels
- Gusto:

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Disponibilità: Non disponibile

Prezzo di listino: 45,00 €

Special Price 22,73 €


Fat tissue reductor that increase thermogenesis and stimulate the body. Usually the energy that body produces is used very efficiently and only 30% of it is turned into heat. It means that efficiency of your „engine” is very high, about 70-75%. When heat production is increased, for example when you’re sick or you take thermogenic supplement the ratio between thermal energy and energy used by working muscles change. Body produces more heat and less energy for muscles, but when we train, our muscles need more energy. To meet that need, body has to burn more of energetic compound (fat, protein or carbohydrates), producing more heat but also covering needs of working muscles. That is how thermogenic supplements work and their efficiency is much higher than popular compounds like l-carnitine or CLA. Lipo from Core® linecombines thermogenic action with muscle-protecting, anticatabolic effects.  

Ulteriori informazioni

Formato 120 softgels
Peso 200.0000

Uso Take 3 capsules daily in the morning or in the afternoon with meal. Do not use 4 hours before bedtime. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.
Lipo Core, Fitness Authority compra a 22,73 € - Fitness Authority