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Pro V-Gain Protein

Pro V-Gain Protein 900 g.

21,45 €


Pro V-Gain Protein

- Categorie: Sci-MX, Proteine Vegetali, Vegan,
- Marca: Sci-mx
- Formato: 900 g.
- Gusto:

Breve descrizione

- Aggiornamento delle Pro VX Protein
- Proteine Vegan

Disponibilità: Disponibile

21,45 €

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21,45 €


Sci-MX Nutrition Pro-VX Protein Shakes For Vegans

PRO-VX PROTEIN has been formulated to be superior for muscle building than any animal-sourced protein available! Yes, you read correctly, superior! The secret is a unique and revolutionary method of extracting highly concentrated protein concentrates and isolates from brown rice, peas and soya. The resulting ultra-pure protein powder has higher levels of BCAAs than whey protein! But it doesn't end there - PRO-VXTM PROTEIN contains an incredible 160% more arginine, 94% more glycine, 65% more alanine, 41% more threonine and 35% more tyrosine than a typical whey protein shake, making it more effective for muscle gain!



Many sports nutrition users mistakenly believe that only protein from dairy sources such as whey or milk, or from egg or meat, contain the correct balance of amino acids for muscle growth. Wrong! Over 25 research studies have been conducted which prove that the proteins found in PRO-VXTM PROTEIN are more effective for developing muscle than sources such as whey, milk, egg and meat. Also included is Vit-MX-SportTM, a unique blend of vitamins C, B6, B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper which contributes to factors that are vital to athletes and active people such as healthy immune function, muscle oxygenation, hormonal health and muscle and nerve function.

Ulteriori informazioni

Formato 900 g.

Uso Mix two level scoops (45g) with 300-400ml of water.
Pro V-Gain Protein by Sci-mx - 900 g. , Proteine Vegetali , in sconto a