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Spider Bottle

Spider Bottle 600 ml

8,90 €


Spider Bottle

- Categorie: Accessori, Spider Bottle,
- Marca: Spider Bottle
- Formato: 600 ml
- Gusto:

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Disponibilità: Disponibile

8,90 €




The high-grade, patented SpiderMix® spiral is manufactured from highest quality, surgical-grade stainless steel. Spectacular mixing results and super-easy cleaning are guaranteed thanks to its high flexibility and cutting-edge design.



Shake Position 1

In a downward-shaking movement the flexible SpiderMix® swings out through the SpiderBottle®, oscillating and sweeping over the complete cup area and perfectly mixing your ingredients like a wire whisk to the best mixing result ever!






Shake Position 2

With an upward-shaking movement, the flexible SpiderMix® contracts in the form of a strainer and mixes together the passing fluids. Due to the constant contraction-and-expansion movement of the SpiderMix®, lumps and clots are completely eliminated and a perfect mixing result of the ingredients is guaranteed.
Cup: 600ml (max) -20 oz (max)
Scale: 500ml - 16 oz             
Container 1: 120 ml- 4 oz 
Container 2: 120 ml- 4 oz

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Formato 600 ml
Peso 120.0000
Spider Bottle, Spider Bottle compra a 8,90 € - Spider Bottle