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Snak Bar

Snak Bar 94 g.

2,59 €

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Snak Bar

- Marca: Universal
- Formato: 94 g.
- Gusto:

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Breve descrizione

- fino a 27g di proteine per barretta
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Universal Animal Snak Bar – Convenient Quality Meal Without the Guilt

You demand the best nutrition because you train harder than anyone else in the gym. You know that every calorie counts, from the first meal of the day to the very last. You understand that quality, whole foods provide the basic nutritional foundation – from real ingredients like rolled oats, almonds, milk, peanut butter, and honey. But you also want something that tastes good - and yet digests quickly, cleanly, and efficiently.

We get it, you want it all. Truth is, so do we. Like many of you, our Animal team is made up of nationally-ranked competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters and strength athletes. So what we put into our bodies matters to us a lot too.

Animal Snak is the bar we created for ourselves, a bar we wanted to eat ourselves. That’s why we put a lot of time into balancing the macros, hand-picking the individual ingredient, and perfecting the flavor by using natural ingredients and avoiding artificial flavors and sweeteners. With Animal Snak, you get a ton of quality protein (and good carbs and fats) in an easy-to-carry bar that provides a solid and tasty “meal” that you will actually enjoy, without the guilt.

Now this is a big bar, packed with nutrition and loaded for bear. It´s not for everyone, especially those who are fearful of carbs or fats or those avoiding them as part of a specific dietary regimen. But Animal Snak is for anyone who wants it all - great macros, great taste and great digestibility. We’ll leave the work to you. You can leave the nutrition to us. Train hard. Eat right.

Animal Snak has whole foods plus a whole lot of good proteincarbs and fats in every big bar.

Ulteriori informazioni

Formato 94 g.

Uso Assumi una barretta dopo un'intensa sessione d'allenamento o semplicemente quando hai bisogno di aggiungere proteine alla tua dieta.
Snak Bar, Universal compra a 2,59 € - Universal Nutrition