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Vazkulizer 118 ml

15,99 €

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- Categorie: Creme, Dream Tan,
- Marca: Dream Tan
- Formato: 118 ml
- Gusto:


Dream Tan Vazkulizer is a unique German formula specifically designed to warm up muscles and instantly enhance vascularity. Use before work outs or before pumping up for a body building contest to warm up the upper layer of your skin and joints. Vazkulizer is odorless, fast acting and long lasting.


Ulteriori informazioni

Formato 118 ml
Peso 300.0000

Light mineral oil

Aloe vera oil

Vanillyl butyl ether


Wheat germ oil

Jojoba oil


Spray a mist of Vazkulizer over desired area, rubin, and within seconds you'll feel its heat intensifying effects which may last up 2 hours.

Your skin may turn red immediately after Vazkulizer is applied, but this is only temporary and completely safe.

Vazkulizer, Dream Tan compra a 15,99 € - Dream Tan